A Guide to Wearing Cool, Colorful Socks for Men

There are plenty of colorful socks for men that you can buy today. Many people who have never worn funny socks may wonder how one can pull it off without necessarily looking like a clown. So, how do you pick the right fun socks to wear if you're a man, and are there rules that you need to follow? Well, there are a few considerations to keep in mind while selecting your favorite funny socks for men.

While each man may have their own style preferences that they're most comfortable wearing, a lot people find matching socks with the color of their trousers. You may not wish to match the socks with the color of your shoes because you don't want the former overshadowing the latter. Just try to find fun socks that are great for the color of your trousers.

The occasion you're planning on attending should also be factored in the choice of colorful socks to wear. In case you're going to a very official occasion, for example a black-tie event, black socks would be a perfect option. Typically, black colored fun socks resonate well with dark suits, for instance the ones with tones of navy, black, and navy blue.

Besides the suit you're wearing, you may also prefer to match fun socks hues with the tie or pocket square. But if you want a flashier look, you may select a different shade of color. Just remember that it makes more sense to have a socks color that's aligned with the attire in the aspects of tone and intricacy.

If you're going for a stunning, sporty look, try to match the color of your fun socks with the shirt or sweater you're wearing.  The sublimated socks may sport a completely different design so long as the color you pick falls within the spectrum of tones in the rest of your apparel.

Once you master the art of balancing colors, you may narrow your options down to details such as stripes and the material used. There are plenty of options in this aspect too. You could go for stripes including tones of pink, green, yellow, and khaki. Options for material include wool, mercerized cotton and polyamide. Consider breathability as well as the ability for the material to absorb moisture, including sweat.

Indeed, men can look great in colorful, fun socks. Just be sure to match the color combinations in your socks and the rest of your attire.